Coronavirus information:

If anyone in your household has any symptoms of coronavirus please inform us straight away as we will not be able to attend your party. We will work with you to find an alternative booking date.


Cancelling your party/event:

We may need to cancel your booking at short notice if any of our staff are showing any symptoms of coronavirus on the day of your party, we will work with you to rebook an alternative party date.


Social distancing:

It’s essential that we have enough space to work in to enable social distancing between our staff and your party guests of one meter at all times.


Number of party guests:

We are only allowed to attend small events, please do not put yourself or our staff at risk by not abiding with the social government guidelines, we will have no other alternative but to leave your event if we feel the situation is putting our staff at any risk and you will not be offer a refund.


Please ask the children and your guests to stay at a safe distance away from our staff while we set up and while we are working with our animals. If we are  working outside please open a side gate for us to set up, if we feel the space is not providing us with the correct space to social distance, we will have no alternative but to leave the event. In this case no refund will be given, we take the safety of our staff and animals extremely seriously.


Our staff:

We want to ensure you that  all of our staff will be sticking strictly to the government guidelines as your children and guests are our top priority. Our  van and each animal carrier will  have a deep clean and sanitised thoroughly before and after each job. All staff will have their temperature checked before leaving for the party. All staff at All About Anna’s Animals will be wearing a visor and/face mask.


Any staff showing any symptoms of coronavirus will be asked to go home and self isolate, and will be asked to have a coronavirus test.


Hand washing:

Please make sure all children have washed their hands before and after the animal handling session. Hand sanitiser will be available for the children to use. All staff at All About Anna’s Animals will sanitise their hands between  every animal, we will also ask the children to sanitise between each animal.



Please note:

Some of our animals may be restricted from handling because of the coronavirus.



Dates will be held for up to 24 hours without the completion of a booking form and payment of a £50.00 deposit. If a booking form has not been completed and the deposit has not been paid within the specified 48 hours the date may be taken by another client.



All of our shows have to be carried out indoors unless arranged with Anna prior to your booking date. 


Please let us know at the time of your booking if you would like to have your event outside. However, this does depend on the time of year and weather permitting. Adequate shade or a gazebo must be provided to keep the sun off of our animals during the summer months. If the temperature is too high on the day of your booking, this will limit the amount of handling time for some of our animals. 

During the winter months, we are unable to work outside as or exotic animals must be kept warm at all times. 


It is imperative that car parking is available for us either on site or in close proximity of the venue (within 50 feet). If parking is not available, we may not be able to carry out your booking. If there are parking restrictions at the venue, a voucher or permit must be provided by the client. Please note that the client is responsible for paying for parking meters, congestion charges if needed. In some cases for Central London, meters may only allow parking for two hours. Therefore, only a one hour show may be possible unless alternative parking arrangements are made. In all cases, we aim to arrive in the area of a venue around half an hour beforehand to allow for any traffic problems. We regret that if parking is not secured for us, we cannot guarantee completion of a booking. If this situation arises and a show cannot go ahead the client would still be liable for the full cost of the booking. It is the parents responsibility keep the children and other parents quite during our talk, as an signs of stress caused to our animals will result in the end of our show. 


Ages and Numbers:

Please note that all participating children must be over the age of 1 year old. If they are under the age of 4 then parents must be there to assist their children in handling and stroking our animals. There must be no more than 15 participants unless agreed upon with a member of staff. We charge £10.00 per extra participant for all packages.



All deposits are non-refundable. For any reason you have to cancel your booking with us we will work with you to find an alternative date for your party. If we have to cancel your booking for any unforeseen circumstances we will offer you a alternative date. If for any reason we feel it is unsafe to travel with our animals due to the weather we will work with you to find an alternative date for your event. This is to protect the health and safety of  both our animals and team.


We aim to arrive for you event 30 minutes prior to your booking time, for any unforeseen circumstances such as road accidents or severe congestion we will keep you up to date and get to you as soon as possible. If we are unable to attend you event we will provide a full refund.


To secure your booking we require a £50.00 deposit at the time of booking. We will hold your chosen date for 24 hours, if payment and the completion of your booking form is not made within this time then your date may be taken by another client. All outstanding payments are due 14 working days prior to your booking date, via bank transfer. If the full amount of the party is not paid 14 days prior to your event then we will assume that you no longer wish to go ahead with your booking with us and give your chosen date to another client. Please note we do not accept cheque payments on the day of the booking. If you would like to make payment via cheque then this needs to be within 14 working days prior to your booking date.



Your statutory rights are not affected.  




terms and conditions

Risk Assessment


Risk 1 - Risk of Infection


Health issues and hygiene will be explained prior to handling ANY of the animals concerned. A chemical hand wash will be available for all children and adults following the animal handling. It is the parents/carers responsibility to make sure the children wash their hands after touching any of our animals and make sure that they do not put their hands in their mouths during our shows to prevent risk of illness and promote health and safety.


All About Anna's Animals are hired strictly for entertainment purposes, therefore the parents/carers are obligated to maintain the safety and welfare of the children.

Risk 2 – Allergies 


Anyone with any allergies relating to fur, feathers, etc, should refrain from handling the animals. We will ask about any allergies prior to anyone handling the animals. Please note that any party bags distributed may contain nuts, seeds, dairy, eggs and any other foods harmful to allergy sufferers. We will ask about any allergies on the day of the event.


All About Anna's Animals does not take any responsibility for any allergies or reactions that may occur due to any of our animals, should the child insist on holding a certain animal. It is therefore the parents/carers responsibility to inform any allergy sufferers to refrain from handling certain animals and make us aware of any allergies the child/children attending the event may have before the talk begins. 


All About Anna's Animals are hired strictly for entertainment purposes, therefore the parents/carers are obligated to maintain the safety and welfare of the children should they want to risk their children having any reactions


Risk 3 – Dangers of animals biting 


We will explain to everyone how to approach the animal to ensure the safety of both participants and animals. All animals are handled regularly and a very docile. 


A first aid kit will be available should anyone need it and there is always a qualified first aider on site.  


Risk 4 – Stress on animals


Everyone should refrain from making loud noises and sudden movements during the handling sessions to avoid causing stress to the animals. We will instruct everyone on how to approach and handle each animal. Any animal that shows sign of stress will be removed from the session.   


Risk 5 – Risk of escaping animals 


In the event of any animal escaping all participants will be asked to vacate the area calmly and quietly while our members of staff recapture the animal safely. The animals are tame and precautions are made to ensure that there is minimal risk of any animal escaping.    

Risk 6 – Equipment 


All equipment will be placed to ensure that there will be minimal risk of tripping/ slipping hazards to the public.

Risk 7 - Bouncy Castles 


Parents/carers are responsible for the safety of the children using the bouncy castles. We make every effort to ensure that safety mats and weights are used. Anyone using our bouncy castles do so at their own risk. Parents/carers are responsible to ensure that no children with neck or back problems use the bouncy castles.


All About Annas Animals takes no responsibility for any injuries caused while using the bouncy castles.