UNIQUE EXPERIENCE PACKAGE - £200.00 plus travel

This package is suitable for all ages and occasions! Yes, even the adults!


Unfortunately, this is the only party package we are able to offer at the moment due to the new social gathering restrictions that are being introduced on Monday the 14th of September. Due to the restrictions, we are only allowed to attend events with a maximum of 6 people. 

The people who can attend the party are our two animal handlers, the birthday child, and Three other family members who live in the same household.


This is a unique animal handling experience, the package is perfect for children that would like a special hands-on experience with each individual animal. 


This package is for one hour. The package can include exotic animals and/or cute and fluffy animals.

- We can feed the tortoises.

- Groom the rabbit.

- Feed our ferret.

- Look at our snake and her shed.

- Watch our giant tarantula and view her amazing shed. 

- Watch our scorpion glow under a UV light and much more! 


We aim to bring a range of 14 animals for this party package.

Each Birthday child will receive an animal handling bravery certificate and a gift. 

Please visit our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page and 'Our Animals' page to get an idea of what/how many animals will attend your handling session and for any questions you may have.

Our deluxe animal themed party bags can be added for an additional cost of £3.00 per bag. Please visit our 'Added Extras' page to see what other cool extras you can add to your party!