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Educational school visits/after-school clubs:


Our mission is to inspire a love and appreciation for all creatures big and small. We provide engaging and informative talks on animal care and conservation for all ages and key stages. Our inclusive talks cover a variety of topics, from species characteristics to environmental issues, and we aim to spark curiosity in the natural world. 

All About Annas Animals boasts an impressive collection of unique and native creatures specifically from the continents of Africa, Australia, and North/South America. Our team of passionate animal handlers are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience with all who attend our talks. We believe that through our educational talks, we can cultivate an appreciation of the natural world and inspire a sense of wonder in the creatures that inhabit it. Book our team for your next event today for a fun-filled and informative experience.

Corporate events:


We offer our animal handling services to a variety of events including fetes, fairs, conventions, and birthday parties. .

Media work:

We are able to provide any animal displayed on the 'Our Animals' page, to be used in movies, television commercials, photography for newspapers/magazines etc and various other events.

Please contact us on your requirements for your chosen event.

Media companies we have worked with:

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