Educational school visits/after school clubs:

We cater for all key stages. Our talks cover the origin, species, diet, growth and behavior of each animal presented. However, we can also cover environmental damage and how it affects each species of animal, such as global warming and deforestation. Also how various species of animals have adapted to fit in with our lifestyles, such as urban habitats.

Our talks may also be geographically based on countries such as Africa, Australia and North/South America. These talks would include animals who are native to these areas such as our reptiles, invertebrates, insects and mammals.

Corporate events:

We are able to attend fetes, fairs, conventions etc with various animals.

Media work:

We are able to provide any animal displayed on 'Our Animals' page, to be used in movies, television commercials, photography for newspapers/magazines etc and various other events.

Please contact us on your requirements for your chosen event.

Media companies we have worked with: